Car price will hike in India



The price of cars will increase in India in the beginning of 2012 .This is because of the bad state of Rupee against US dollar.Due to the increasing interest rate and inflation the car companies like Maruti,Scoda,Toyota,General Motors and Honda are decided to increase the rates of different models in Indian market.

They are proposed a hike of INR 10000 for small models and INR25000 for Sedan models.The main reason for the hike is the increasing price of imported spare parts due to the bad performance of Indian rupee.

We know that the value of Indian rupee decreased about 17% from January 2011.In one time the exchange rate against US Dollar drooped lowest in the history as 52.73.Maruti is importing around INR8000 CRORE valued spare parts in a year.

Also the luxury car manufacturer OUDI is proposing a hike of INR50000 for their models in India market.

Due to this price hike the sales of cars may drop but at the present conditions there is no choice to car manufacturers other than this.


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