Creeper,the small car from Kerala(India)

The small car industry in India is receiving one smaller car in their list. But this time it is the smallest car in the market. Its name is “Creeper” the owners of this small car are  Kajah motors from Guruvayur in Kerala.Guruvayur is a place famous for the temple for Hindu deity Lord Sri Krishna.


The model of this car presented in the ongoing 11th Auto expo 2012 in New Delhi.Kajah group is famous in south India for ayurvedic and Beedi (a variety of cigarette) manufacturing.


The proposed Creeper car has only half size of the existing small cars at present in India. It is having one seat in front and one seat in back side. Also the back seat can adjust to sit for two persons if requires. Engine capacity is 800 cc.


The width of a creeper car is only 1.25 meter. This is designed to travel narrowed roads where only motor cycles can pass at present. The length of car will be 2.95 meter and 1.60 meter height and 2.10 meter wheel base. The proposed price at present is in between 1.75 lakhs and 4.5 lakhs .


There will be three different models of Petrol, Diesel and electric. For Diesel cars, the mileage will be 20 kilo meters per litre.


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