Smart introduces new model “smart for us”

The famous micro car manufacturer smart  owned by Daimler Benz is introducing an electric car named as “Smart for us”. The model of the new car introduced in the ongoing North American International motor show in Detroit. The new car can accommodate two persons as passengers and it can carry and re charge two e bikes in its cargo bed back side of seats.E bikes are bicycles made by smart. The company is saying that these can use to travel in the narrow paths where the car could not travel.


The car has 17.6 watt lithium iron battery which is helping to travel with a decent speed. The electric motor has strength of 75 horse power. Due to this, the car can reach 60 km per hour from zero by 5 seconds! The maximum speed will be 127.8 kilo meter per hour. The battery will take 8 hour to full charge and it will take 3.5 hours to charge half portion.



The model designed as an American pick up vehicle. Even if the size of the car is less; there is enough room for keeping luggage and for sitting the passengers.


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