New website about Rajini kanth requires no internet connection

Rajini Kanth is the real super star in Tamil cinema in southern India. From children to people aged 90 are fan of Rajini kanth.He has a vast fans in countries like Singapore, Srilanka, Japan, Australia, USA and Malaysia. His special and trademarked gimmicks in all of his films made him this kind of fabulous image he is boasting at present.

Now there is a special website open for his fans and at present only one in the world. The speciality if this website is it not required internet connection!!!!


Rajini kanth -superstar of Tamil cinema

He is no ordinary man” —- “This is no ordinary website” are the welcoming words on the home page of this website. is the web site address and as mentioned earlier, it does not need any internet connection to run. The creator is telling that this website runs with “Rajini power” .The creators of this spectacular website is  “webchutney”, India’s leading web development firm and they are saying that this is a tribute and a gift to the megastar on his birthday.


As per the website “Visitors have to ‘earn’ the right to view the site, which is loaded with inside scoops, controversies, facts and famous jokes on conquering the impossible, and actions that no one else but Rajini can perform, across three sections on the site — Rajinikanth the man, the superstar, and the legend.”

To enter the website, one has to disconnect the internet. Once disconnected, the website will automatically show up a “click here to enter” button and you will enter into the site.


On one hand, fans are awed and impressed at the same time by this innovative idea of actually turning the jokes that float jabbering about Rajini’s incredibility, whereas web developers and hackers are beating their heads against the computer screen on how the Rajini power is mightier than the internet.


Whatever it is, hats off to those who incepted it and to those who made it possible. Foot tapping music, eye catching posters and witty comments, visit the website to experience the power that lies within.


The reason behind the website is it is used some complex and too fast algorithms so that the entire website will down load into your computer before you close the internet connection.


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