Train ticketing through mobile phone in Indian Railways

Indian railway introduced the railway ticket booking through mobile also. This facility is developed by Indian railway catering and tourism corporation (IRCTC).IRCTC presently handling the e-ticketing facility for India railway.

For using the reservation facility through mobile, you have to register and then download the software into your mobile phone. Once you finished the booking, you will get information’s about reservation like PNR, train number, date of travel and the class of travel. You can save this in your mobile and there is no any printed format is required, you can travel with this message in the train.The Indian Railways have already successfully implemented an initiative to take a photo of the tickets on the mobile phones instead of print outs.
The pre-requisites for using the IRCTC mobile are:

a) You need to be a IRCTC user

b) Have a Java enabled mobile phone or a smart phone

c) Have GPRS service activated on your mobile phone

d) Have a credit card/cash card.

Also this service will not available for CDMA users.

The service charge for this is same as e-ticketing 10 for sleeper class and INR 20 for other higher classes.

Through IRCTCmobile, you can book a train up to 90 days in advance and 2-3 clear days in advance excluding the date of journey. Also you can book a maximum of 6 seats at a time (adults and children included) using the IRCTCmobile.

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