Pranab Kumar Mukherji – a short bio sketch

Pranab Mukherji

Pranab mukherji born in West Bengal state of India in 11 December, 1935.His birth place was Kirnahar in Birbhum district.his father Kamada Kinker Mukherji was an AICC member and president of Birbhum district committe of Indian National Congress.As his family was well attached to congress party,he also became a congress member and a great leader from West Bengal.

He is a well educated leader and he has passed M.A (History) and M.A ( Political science).Also he passed LLB and D.Lit (Honoris Causa).He worked in different fields like politics,social worker,teaching and journalist.He worked for noted Bengali publication  Desher das.He started his career as an upper divisional clerk in Post and Telegraph department in Kolkatta.

He is in the political field for more than fourth years by now.He started as a Rajya Sabaha membefor from West Bengal in 1969 and re elected several times.He was also a member in the Lok sabha.He handled many  portfolio as a minister of India such as finance,external affairs and defence.He also served as the deputy chair person of planning commission of India.

He married Suva mukherjee and they have two sons and a daughter.One of his son also A member of West Bengal assembly.

Pranab mukherji was a strong Indira Gandhi loyalist and he was a minister at the time of ‘Emergency’ in India and he was held by many to be personally responsible  for some of the exesses.

He received a honour as the outstanding parlamentarian in1997 by Indian parliament group and he was awarded “Padma vibhushan” by President of India in 2008.


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