Trincomalee is a port city on east coast of the Island nation Srilanka. It is a historic city which saw many attacks and wars. Trincomalee is a beautiful coast area with many beaches which attracts tourists from all over the world. In the past, this city known as Gokanna or Gokarna which was a great harbor in the history of Sri Lanka. It is a natural port. Also, it is the base for Sri Lankan naval and air forces.

trincomalee beach

The Bay of Trincomalee gives security and is openly accessible to all types of sea amusements in all weathers. The beaches can use many activities such as surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale watching.  The tourist can watch Blue whales near Swamy Rock which is a great viewpoint. The season to watch wales from March to August.

Nilaveli beach

There are other beaches near Trincomalee are Nilaveli beach and Uppuveli beach. A nearby island to Nilaveli Beach, the Pigeon island which has rocks, pools and dozens of corals. Nilaveli Beach carry white sand and it’s a great beach tourism spot in Sri Lanka. Pigion island is famous for snorkeling activities. There is a Feast for your eyes on colourful corals and sparkling fish. Uppuveli is another beach carries golden sand and the view of nearby beautifully lined palm trees. You will get best stay places here.

Trincomalee religious spots

Trincomalee is a historic city and there are many religious spots for Hindus and Simhalese.

Koneswaram Temple

Koneswaram temple near the beach side and the sea view from the back side of the temple is marvelous. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and believed the construction in 250 BC. This temple faced many demolition activities through the years, many times its debris recovered from sea and reconstructed again.

Pathira kali amman temple

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Kali. Believed to built in 11th century, this temple has a great history to say. The temple built in Dravidian architecture model, same as in Tamil Nadu. Chola king Rajendra cholaI expanded the shrine and his inscriptions can be see inside the temple.

Kanniya hot water spring

The hot water springs located in Kanniya area in Trincomalee. There are seven hot wells in this place. The bottom of each wells are clearly visible from outside. If ten to fifteen buckets of water taken out, the wells will be out of water. The hot water spring has a known history of AD 1-2. It is learned that there was a Buddhist monastery in the near area and the water used by the monks lived in the monastery. As per the hindu mythology, Ravan in Ramayana created this hot spring with his sword to perform his mother’s last rituals. Also in Mahabharatha, there is a mention about this spring in the place bay of Gokarna(old name of Trincomalee).

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick built by Portuguese in 1623 in Trincomalee after demolishing the Hindu temple named old Koneswaram temple. They demolished the temple and constructed the fort and the remaining part of temple pushed out into the sea. After Portuguese, Dutch people  controlled this fort in 1693 and then it was under the control of British in 1795. The fort currently controlled by Sri Lankan army and through this place one can visit the Koneswaram Temple.


BY AIR: – The nearest domestic terminal is China bay air port(Trincomalee airport). Connection with frequent schedules available to Colombo international airport from China bay airport.

BY ROAD: – Sri Lanka has an excellent road connectivity through out the country. There are direct bus connections from Colombo, Anuradhapura, Jafna and Dambulla to Trincomalee.

BY RAIL :- There are Railway connectivity to Trincomalee. The railway station situated nearly one KM from North of the town. Find below link for railway schedules.

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