Meghamalai – A greenish tourism place

Meghamalai is a less visited and upcoming tourism place in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is situated around 1500 meter from the sea level in the western Ghats. This place open by the government for tourism activities only in the recent years. It is a scenic beauty place filled with full of greenery and lakes. It is an agricultural village area between heavy mountains of Western Ghats. You can see the agricultural crops like coconut trees, different types of vegetables, grapes and the highest peak points covered with full of Cardamom plants. There are 20 hairpin curves before you reach the peak point in Meghamalai. Each hair pin curves named after different types of local flowers like Kurinji, Jasmine, Kantha, lotus, Marutha, thumba etc. The last curve known as Lotus curve.

In the valley, there are more than 6000 tea plantations and in between those plantations, we can see lot of beautiful lakes also. One who view from the peak point, it is a marvelous sight of tea estates and lakes. The meaning of Meghamalai is ‘the mountain of clouds. This is true as we will be covering by clouds once you reach the peak point. You can see the group of clouds and sunlight in between and wind with smell of cardamom. Altogether it will be a mind-blowing view for tourists. This is a dense forest area and if you are driving after evening time there is good chance to meet animals like elephant, Indian Gaurs, wild boars, Leopards, tiger and many others. Also, you will entertain by monkeys in day time on the sides of roads.

There are many cottages with different budget. Still it is not occupied any international hotels in this area. Tourists can book the cottages via online also.

You can see the Thoovanam Dam which is very near to Meghamalai. Also, this is a famous off-road destination. You can engage in off road activities minimum two hours without any laziness.

Best season to visit Meghamali is winter. October to May months are best to come to this place.


Nearest airport is Madurai which is connected with major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Cochin.

Meghamalai is around 50 Kilometers away from Theni, which is the nearest city. Theni is well connected with almost all cities by TamilNadu state Road Transport Corporation buses.

Nearest Railway station is Madurai which is 119 Km away.

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