ANCHURULI – A rare tourism spot in Kerala

YOU want to explore a less attracted place in Gods own country “KERALA”? Then Anjuruli is a correct place for you. This place is Idukki district which itself is a natural beauty with Munnar, Western Ghats and Idukki arch dam (biggest in Asia) belongs to this place. Anjuruli is a Malayalam word which means “five vessels” (Uruli is a particular vessel used in these parts of the world to cook large amount of food).  For anjuruli, it is associated with five small hills which are in the shape of inverted vessels and these hills will be under the Idukki reservoir most of the time and can view when the water levels of reservoir reduce. These hills are located around 2430 feet above from sea level and on the way from Kattappana to Elappara. Need to get down Kakkatukada and travel 3 Km from here.

The biggest attraction in Anjuruli is a man-made tunnel cut through hard rock by the British. This tunnel constructed by cutting the hill and it has 5.5 Km length with a long circular shape.  The tunnel built for the purpose of bringing water from Irattayar river to Anjuruli. This tunnel is one of the great sights in entire Kerala which built to exit the overflowing water in the Idukki reservoir. The travel inside the tunnel and fishing is the activities one can perform in this stunning place. This place covered with lush green trees and mist in the rainy and winter season which is a fantastic view for the tourists.

This is also a famous film shooting location with the presence of tunnel, water fall and its natural beauty.

There is a proposed Boat service from Anjuruli to Cheruthoni. On the way there is an old temple in Ayyapankovil which is submerging in the reservoir water for five to six months. Also, there is a hanging bridge near the temple across the reservoir which also a tourist attraction.

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