Rayiranellur Hill -A mythical place in Kerala

Rayiranellur Hill is a mythical place in Kerala in South India. It is in Palakkad district in Central Kerala.
The myth is like this. Vararuchi was a famous astrologer in the royal court of ancient Indian king Vikramaditya. He got 12 children and he and wife left each child in the birthplace itself and they continued their travel. The boy received in Naranathu Mangalathu Mana( which was a famous family in Chethallur near Palakkad) Known as “Naranathu Bhranthan”( meaning as the mad man at Naranathu) because of his mysterious behaviour. This guy has gone to Thiruvegappura to study ” Vedas” and spent most of his time in the nearby Rayiranellur hill which is currently known as ” Branthachalam”. His hobby is to roll huge rocks to the top of the hill with too much strain and once he reaches the top he put down the rock to the bottom. Again he continues the same activity till the evening. He used to laugh loudly every time. Due to his strange behavior and odd activities, people perceived him as ‘mad’.He was not mad and with this activity, he mocked the human being who tried to make wealth and fame in their entire life. But once death nears nothing will help.

It is believed that the goddess appeared in front of Naranathu Bhranthan and after many years people started a temple in the top of the hill and offered prayers. The temple opens in the morning hours only. Best time to visit before 8 AM. The special day is Thulam( A month in Malayalam calendar) 01st. Every year a huge amount of devotees gathered here to visit “Naranathu bhranthan” and the goddess. There is a huge statue of “Naranathu bhranthan” at the top of the hill which can be viewed from many kilometer.
There is a critically acclaimed poem about “Naranathu bhranthan” in the same name by famous poet V.Madhusudanan Nair.

How to reach there?

By rail:- The nearest railway station is Pattambi and Rayiranellur is around 15 Km away from Pattambi. You can take a cab or bus to reach Rayiranellur.
By Road:- Rayiranellur is well connected with bus service from Pattambi and Valanchery which are the nearest cities.
By air:- Calicut international airport which is around 55 Km away from Rayiranellur.

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