Sharjah Mamzar lagoon & beaches

Mamzar beach- Sharjah

Al Mamzar beach in Sharjah is place where you can spend time with your family in the weekends and the evenings. Sharjah area of Mamzar beach divided into 3-4 different lagoons (a stretch of saltwater separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef.) and beaches across 3-4 Kilometers. The wintertime is the best to visit here as summer will be so hot to sustain even in the evenings. November to March is the ideal time to visit here.

In the lagoon area one can enjoy driving jet skis which will available for rent also. In the week ends it’s a marvelous sight that many jet skies are travelling in the lagoon water area with high and low speed. Also, you will get Sunloungers and umbrellas for rent and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is a good swimming and fishing spot and enjoyed by many people especially in the weekend mornings. Here you can enjoy cycling with a long cycling track which will reach till Al Kasba (Kasba is a part of famous Sharjah light festival) which is a famous children park and ride area. Along with the sides of lagoons, there is beautiful green meadow where you can sit and enjoy with family members. Also, it can be use for Barbecue grill with family and friends in some allocated areas. You can have a family boat ride which is available in the Sharjah Mamzar area. Most of the land area is covered with beautiful Date palm trees which will give a nice ambiance to the entire place. There is a Restaurant kiosk for refreshment purpose.

Sharjah Expo centre which is the venue of many prestigious events and exhibitions almost every day in a year like Sharjah International Book fair and Ramzan shopping festival is located near to Sharjah Mamzar beach area. One can also enjoy Sharjah aquarium which a famous tourist destination from this area.

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