Wish to be a frequent traveller!!!!!

Travelling is a routine changer or taking a break from the long work for many people. May be taking a break from a tiring work schedule is a liberty happening to few people. Most of the travelers or so-called tourists are doing so because of the pressure from the family, especially from children. Isn’t it??

But I know some people who are frequent travelers. Well, I thought they were mad travelers. I mean today morning I had chatted with them and the next day when I am hearing that they are engaged in trekking in Western Ghats or walking on the beautiful beaches in Trincomalee!!! I had some vague thoughts in my mind that how they can do this? How they get permission from their managers? How their wife and children allow to go like this? I found the reason for such thoughts and the whole idea behind such thoughts were that I am jealous towards them!!!!

Unexpected travelers are always fascinating me. In my childhood I heard from my mother that reaching to Tirupati temple is not easy……. not because of the difficult routing or anything like that……but it is a time which decided by the deity himself to reach there. Even if we decide to go there a fixed time, may be couldn’t do that as per our wish. So, I like to believe such a way that some people who are frequent travelers due to god’s wish. They can see the people, animals, birds, plants in real time.

People like Columbus, Magellan, Vasco da gama, Fa-Hien, Hsuan Tsang, Ibn Battuta etc. are travelled and left their mark in the history by travelling. They are not simply travelers, but frequent travelers and they travelled at a time there was no Google map and mobile phones or not even bicycles……Still we are remembering them after thousands of years. Imagine the amount of scenery they experienced throughout their life. Imagine number of people they met in their life. I seriously think about why no person in the so-called modern era among that list of great travelers. Still we have the names in the olden days. Old is gold, right?

May be because of the world is now considering as a “Global village”. A village is a small place so that we don’t want travel much. But I wish to travel frequently and experience new things every day. I am an ardent fan of people who doing so.

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