The Kerala Tourism Department has formed an attractive idea of  making traditional food in every nook and corner of the state including the remote villages. The department is planning that it will give jobs to 30000 women, especially housewives within 3 years. They are planning to set up 2000 such units in Kerala. The ground works already finished and it is in the implementation stage now. The district tourism council centers will receive the applications from interested women entrepreneurs.

The selection process includes the house visit and one day training at the district centers where the applicant has to make food for 30 persons. Once the selection is over, they will give 30 days to start the venture.

The homely food network will be linked to the tourism website and app. The information includes the name, location, phone number and photo will be available through the app. It has come to know that basic amenities also provided in the registered units. The entire mission controlled by the Responsible Tourism (RT) mission. The aim behind such process is to provide homely food cooked in hygienic condition to the tourists. Also, it aims to empower the women as the units will controlled  by women. The RT mission also will help the units to get Food safety licenses. A 10 page mini site in 21 languages, promotional video, social media campaign and online booking platform also been planned. Without doubt, this will be a great step towards the promotion and rejuvenation of tourism in the state which is already known as a tourist paradise.

Further details will follow soon…………………..

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