Rajgad fort

Rajgad fort situated approximately 60kms south-west of Pune, in Maharashtra (India) and this fort places with an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Maratha dynasty owned many forts and Rajgad is the most famous among them.

Chhathrapathi Sivaji, the famous Maratha king used Rajgad fort for 26 years as his capital.

The fort carried  military as well as residential structures inside the fort including military watch tower, arms and ammunitions, palaces, water tanks with cisterns, temples and gardens..

The fort built on a hill called Murumba Devi Donger (Mountains of the goddess Murumba).

At present the fort is an important tourist destination and a fantastic place for trekking. Due to the enormous size of the fort and other sight seeings, the visitors prefer to stay overnight.

The important monuments to visit at Rajgad fort giving blow

1. Padmavathi Machee (sub- plateaux)

2. Sevilla Machee (sub- plateaux)

3. Sanjeevani Machee (sub- plateaux)

4. Padmavathi Temple

5. Rameshwaram Temple – dedicated to Lord Shiva

6. ALU DARWAJA (Door) – The door opening towards Torna fort

7. PALI DARWAJA (Door) – Main door of the fort

8. BALE KILLA – Highest part of the fort, which has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves

9. View of Torna fort and Sinhagad

10. Sunrise view of  Bhatghar lake from Suvela Machee 


For the overnight staying tourists, the accommodation facility is very less. Around 50-60 people can accommodate in Padmavathi Temple. Another 6-8 in Rameshvaram Temple. Both temples have doors with good condition, due to this safety is not a big concern.

Rajgad fort travel is a good option to have a natural life for one or two days from the routine city life. It is a great destination for people  who love trekking, camping, photography, history and architecture loving.

For tourists and trekkers, it is better to carry minimum 3 liter water per person per day. Also, it is advised to carry snacks and food from home as the restaurants are not available in the top. On the weekends, the villagers will serve food at Padmavathi temple.

The easiest trekking route will be the Pali Darwaja route. 3-4 Km long route known as “Raj Marg” going through the village named Dardige. Normally it will take minimum 2 hours to reach the fort.

Trekking is possible throughout the year and the best time is October to February. But difficult to trek in the rainy season from July to September

RAJGAD after Monsoon rain

How to reach Rajgad

Nearest airport is Pune and distance from Pune is around 75 Km. From Pune, one can hire a cab or public bus to the village Pali, which is the base point for trekking. Distance between a Pune Railway station in Pali is 68 Km.

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