Sharjah Mamzar lagoon & beaches

Mamzar beach- Sharjah Al Mamzar beach in Sharjah is place where you can spend time with your family in the weekends and the evenings. Sharjah area of Mamzar beach divided into 3-4 different lagoons (a stretch of saltwater separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef.) and beaches across 3-4 Kilometers. The … Continue reading Sharjah Mamzar lagoon & beaches

AL AIN – Tourist spot in UAE

Al Ain is a place with most of the mountain ranges and different biological places. As per the historical scripts. The civilization started in this area in BC 5000 onwards. This is the only place included in the famous UNESCO‚Äôs world heritage list. You have lot of historical places to view in this part of … Continue reading AL AIN – Tourist spot in UAE